Sex, road rage, accidents and bad driving--it’s all in the Indian DNA

Indians at large possess some of the sharpest brains in the world. But when it comes to following traffic rules, they behave in some of the weirdest ways. India is a country where sex is literally taboo, yet prostit...

Autonomous Driving: Apocalypse Now

Every day we hear someone or the other, thinking of ways to replace the traditional human driver from the car, thus removing driver error from the equation all together which seems like a good idea…in theory. But...

For God’s sake keep your country clean

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to make India clean (Swatch Bharat), there has been a flurry of activities, both genuine and fraud, trying to heed to his call. Some have honestly taken up...

Print journalism & the internet world

How was it before the internet became popular? Very simple, people read newspapers and magazines, watched the limited news on television and listened to radio. Then came the internet bomb. Why bomb? Because it almos...

Different driving modes

A new trend going around these days in the auto industry is a feature that goes by the name of ‘driving mode’. This option of a driving mode started with the German luxury manufacturers and is now tricking down to t...



Jan 01 2014


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