Stripping India to its bones

I needed a break and I decided to revisit the United States of America. The last time I spent in this fabulous country was 15 years back in the year 2000. Since then the country may have sold millions and trillions ...

Papa says ‘No’, Mama says ‘No’ to traffic norms

Remember the line from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. I can truly use that line for India now. There is something very rotten in the state of India. Forget ab...

ACMA convention records its first major burglary

Journalism is getting murkier by the day and so are some journalists...or should we call them journalists? People ask me as to why I do not want to attend press conferences (PCs) and I tell them it’s getting more an...

Nurburgring lap time bans

The Nurburgring was the Holy Grail for car manufacturers to prepare their cars for the worst lap of its life to break each other’s record. Some manufacturers would bring their cars to the track just to develop them,...

The Modified Indian

The Modified Indian

Jun 24 2015

In our pursuit to find some of the most insane auto modifications in India we have come across things which will woo you, blow your mind away as well as make you hurl a rock at the atrocities some people can commit ...

Maggi Noodles, Shah Rukh Khan and cars

Maggi noodles have suddenly become a piece of villainous commodity. In this country of ours we need to find a scapegoat. Once we find that, we all point our fingers at it, yell at it, pounce on it and haul it over t...

Ban old vehicles; are you kidding?

It’s easy for any tribunal, whether green or blue, to put a ban on vehicles. Earlier, as per the Motor Vehicles norms in the country, a vehicle life was put at 15 years, beyond which the vehicle needed to be get a f...

Jeremy Clarkson needs a punch

Jeremy Clarkson. We all know that this man working for BBC and who hosts the show ‘Top Gear’ has a huge fan following. So does Sunny Leone and Pamella Anderson, at least when her silicon implants were in good order!...

To hell with the trees, let the roads come up

With BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes and Audis getting popular, the need for speed on roads is understandable. These are fast cars and are safe and stable too. But no matter how broad a road you get to drive in India, you sti...

Roads, Roads, Roads

Roads, Roads, Roads

Feb 01 2015

Why it is that India is not able to build good roads? Let’s take for example the stretch of road from Mehrauli to Mahipalpur in South West Delhi which sees traffic jams every single day of the year. Thousands of veh...

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