“Ji Shaab” and the comical role of journalists today

As I was growing up I loved watching Hindi movies. During the 1980s and 1990s, and perhaps before that too, there was a “Bahadur” character in every other movie who always responded to his master by saying, “Jee Sha...

Atmanirbhar, Really? Do you believe in that?  Part 2 of 2

But all the talk of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” makes no sense if it does not bring in the moolah for the investor. In the early days of post Independence making moolah was very difficult because of the “red-tapism” and co...

Atmanirbhar, Really? Do you believe in that? Part 1 of 2

Words like “Make in India”, “#AtmanirbharBharat” or self-reliant India have been doing the rounds much before we got our Independence in 1947. It was Mahatma Gandhi dressed in his simple cotton dhoti and shawl who...

A tribute to Pappu; Tussi great ho!

There are some names that will always be remembered with a lot of fondness. Pappu is one of them. I grew up in a middle-class locality in Delhi and as a young lad, I had lots of friends. They were not just from a ...

Ever been on drugs? Ever quit the habit?

Getting hooked on #narcotics substances can be very dangerous. They destroy lives, minds and souls. The sale and consumption of illegal narcotics are rampant across the globe. The first time I had a narcotic substan...

Auto Journalist or Influencer, or is it two-in-one? Part 3 of 3

Yes, I know auto journalists and the organisations they work for are not rich in the real sense. Auto journalists cannot travel all over the world and drive fancy cars and bikes by spending their own money. No media...

Auto Journalist or Influencer, or is it two-in-one? Part 2 of 3

As a B2C auto journalist, I was exposed to the world of glitz. Almost every car and bike launch, besides first drives and rides, meant free five star stays, free flights, free food and wine and at the end of the d...

Auto Journalist or Influencer, or is it two-in-one? Part 1 of 3

OEMs are basically manufacturers of cars, two wheelers and other vehicles. I have often asked myself, are OEMs like the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the poem written by Robert Browning. And are we journalists and influe...


I saw the #socialmedia tsunami coming but could never fathom its intensity. It was around 2004-2005 when platforms like #youtube , #twitter , #facebook , etc were born. Much later #instagram came into being. #tiktok...


Everybody in the auto journalism world had to adapt to new rules of social media, its charm, its pluses and minuses and its absolute ruthlessness amid the excitement and opportunities it offered.

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