List of SUVs, ideal for a trip to the mountains

one needs to wisely choose the right vehicle to avoid any trouble during the trip. Mountains roads can be tricky, which in turn requires that the vehicle is very capable and sturdy.

Camera, family album, personal conversation & modern day bravado

Circa 1988: Remember the slow old days when things happened at the speed of an Ambassador car? For today’s generation it may actually sound as though we lived in a “slow motion” age! Among the several valuable posse...

Auto Journalists: Do the new IT rules on freebies include us?

It’s been several months since I accepted a car or bike “review” invitation. Yes, I miss reviewing new cars and bikes. There is no denying that fact. OEMs continue to shower journalists with free air travel, free 5-...

My name is Tommy, I am a stray dog (Part 2 of 2)

But strangely, I realised there were humans who loved us. But I wondered whether it was superficial. If they loved us so much, why did they not take us to their homes and adopt us? All I got was a pat on my head so...

My name is Tommy, I am a #straydog (Part 1 of 2)

I was born in a gutter. Soon I realised I had eight siblings. Four of them died a few days after I was born. I could barely open my eyes for the first few days after I was born. But I could feel my mother pick me up...

Followers, Views, Likes and the Blue Tick

In the good old days, some of us used to pick up the morning #newspaper to read the latest news, whether it was on #politics, #sports, local development or #business. The more voracious readers amongst us spent thei...

 “Ji Shaab” and the comical role of journalists today

As I was growing up I loved watching Hindi movies. During the 1980s and 1990s, and perhaps before that too, there was a “Bahadur” character in every other movie who always responded to his master by saying, “Jee Sha...

Atmanirbhar, Really? Do you believe in that?  Part 2 of 2

But all the talk of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” makes no sense if it does not bring in the moolah for the investor. In the early days of post Independence making moolah was very difficult because of the “red-tapism” and co...

Atmanirbhar, Really? Do you believe in that? Part 1 of 2

Words like “Make in India”, “#AtmanirbharBharat” or self-reliant India have been doing the rounds much before we got our Independence in 1947. It was Mahatma Gandhi dressed in his simple cotton dhoti and shawl who...

A tribute to Pappu; Tussi great ho!

There are some names that will always be remembered with a lot of fondness. Pappu is one of them. I grew up in a middle-class locality in Delhi and as a young lad, I had lots of friends. They were not just from a ...

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