Altigreen, Lohum partner to recycle EV batteries

Date: 12 Jul 2023

Altigreen, a leading manufacturer of commercial cargo electric vehicles in India and Lohum, India's largest producer of sustainable energy transition materials are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at addressing the critical challenge of sustainable battery disposal in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. This collaboration aims to promote responsible and environmentally friendly practices within the electric mobility sector while minimizing the carbon footprint of Altigreen's EVs.

With the rapid growth of the EV market, the demand for batteries has surged, resulting in a significant increase in battery waste. Recognizing the urgent need for effective battery recycling solutions, Altigreen and Lohum have joined forces to establish an innovative framework for achieving Alitgreen's responsible battery disposal and recycling targets. Lohum as an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) partner registered under India's Battery Waste Management Rules (BWMR 2022) will enable Alitgreen to seamlessly meet these targets.

Under this partnership, Lohum will recycle end-of-life batteries from Altigreen electric vehicles via its NEETM technology, recovering 95% of high-purity battery raw materials that can be used to manufacture new batteries. The partnership will enable Lohum to recycle 1 GWh of Altigreen EV cargo vehicle batteries over the next three years, contributing to a significant reduction in battery waste and the efficient utilization of resources.


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