RT Koytango setting up 100% free electric vehicle charging stations in Delh

Date: 10 Jul 2018

RT Koytango Private Limited, a company that seems to be sharing its existence with Hriman Motors LLP, a Delhi-headquartered startup, has announced that it is setting up 100% free electric vehicle charging stations connected to Grid tied Solar power stations. RT Koytango has tied up with multiple Green funds and hence is offering 100% free solar charging stations with free EV charging for all vehicles.

Interesting, Hriman Motors has announced through its website that it is in the process of making RT 90, the “Most exciting 2-seater electric car in the world” which will be 4G connected and have ABS, apart from a host of exciting features. This electric car will be launched mid-2019. The vehicle has max range of 200 km on a single charge. The company is also promising a RT Transporter which is a 4-Seater City Transporter, which is air-conditioned and is cheaper to run than an e-rickshaw. The company also announced earlier that it would launch RT 900, a 4-seater car that boasts of a high lift platform and has a motor that delivers over 350 nm of torque, with a single charge range of 350 km. The vehicles are in their initial stages of development.

Mrinalini Kapoor and Raninder K Chahal Founders RT Koytango Private Limited who have taken the onus of contributing to India’s Green Shift, said that it is a known fact that day time usage in Delhi is over 6 giga watts and this can be compensated to a great extent using solar.  What remains to be understood is that the local Delhi Grid will not be able to take the additional load of 2 to 5 lakh electric vehicles plugging in for charging. Hence power or rather Green Power is to be generated exactly where the charging is happening.

Further it needs to be understood that putting up electric vehicle charging stations drawing grid power is again not a good option as instead of burning petrol, one would be burning coal. Hence the claim, that electric vehicles will result in removing pollution would not hold entirely true as you would be displacing the mode and method of pollution and not removing it, they said.

RT Koytango is inviting all companies, schools, colleges, hospitals hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes and residential complexes to join the green movement. The cost obviously zero- the benefits – multiple.


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