From auto journalists to pretty cheer girls, the transition is quite apparent!

Cheer girls have an entertaining task before them. In fact, cheerleading is defined as an activity that involves participants (usually girls in skirts, waving colourful and glittering pom poms) swaying their hips an...

Auto Journalist or Influencer, or is it two-in-one? Part 1 of 3

OEMs are basically manufacturers of cars, two wheelers and other vehicles. I have often asked myself, are OEMs like the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the poem written by Robert Browning. And are we journalists and influe...

Diesel Ban: Throwing Baby Out with Bath Water

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has passed several orders in the recent past and each need to be criticised for its shortsightedness. It passed an order banning cutting of trees in Delhi. That was ludicrous to say...

Jeremy Clarkson needs a punch

Jeremy Clarkson. We all know that this man working for BBC and who hosts the show ‘Top Gear’ has a huge fan following. So does Sunny Leone and Pamella Anderson, at least when her silicon implants were in good order!...

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