Crusaders Air Purifier Model CF-100

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J. George

13 Nov 2017

all Claims Dwarfed Features

Got the product CRU-CF-100 today Monday 13 November 2017 for the order placed on the 9th November. The order was placed based on the product details given out on Amazon that also allowed link to the importer-Crusaders Technologies(I) Pvt Ltd. The claimed product details and the actual details vary a lot. For instance, FIVE false claims certainly need to be pointed out. (1) Only two purification system exists in the supplied unit as against a tall claim of "5 physical filters". (2) wide variations in the power rated capacity.Hence doubts arise if it is good enough for a Car cigarette charger even with USB options. Will the 12V of the Car power system needs to be suitably moderated to suit the 5V @1.5A ratings on the product inviting additional cost burden on the client? (3) Despite plug and play convenience there is no user's manual in the package. (4) Aromatherapy is yet another claimed feature without any physical mention on the product package or on the product. (5) Crusader India mentions a 7-stage purification system without any UV and Negative Ions options in the product.
The sales personnel in their Delhi office was very rude and instead of satisfying these queries asked the client to choose the return policy option. Is this what Crusader Tech tends to encourage in India despite Jago Grahak ambience?
Product is being used to find out its efficacy although in the absence of a pollution meter or other sensory techs it is going to be difficult. It appears I made a mistake of choosing this product as there was no user review available either on the web Fell prey to the marketing gimmick of the Importer that was abetted by online line portal.
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