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Samir Garg

05 Feb 2020

Still PROBLEM not solved.

Dear SKODA / Volkswagen - Worldwide Customer Relation / Service Managers,

This is regarding my vehicle, Skoda Superb - MH-43-AJ-2651 in Mumbai – INDIA.

We have been sending this vehicle to JMD-Kandivali workshop in Mumbai-INDIA for servicing regularly.
Every time the vehicle is returned back, it has MANY more faults then were there before sending.

1. 6th Nov. 2017 sent for servicing. Vehicle returned with OBD2 port hanging, ABS sensors were loose, coolant not changed, HUD had been dismantled & damaged, + other problems.
They were not ready to accept or rectify these faults. We had to take help of International Skoda Parent Company & posting on all formats of Social Media, when they finally responded & cleared all the faults.

2. 13th Sep. 2019 sent for servicing. Vehicle returned with no bulbs replaced, windscreen not polished as requested & again ABS sensor made faulty. Also, now all the lights of ABS, ESP, Steering, Spanner symbol, Exhaust Symbol & other dashboard lights started intermittently turning On & OFF & the vehicle started giving sudden jerks. None of these problems was present previously.
After multiple complaints & lot of time delay, we could not drive such a faulty vehicle & neither JMD nor Skoda were responding, we were marooned without vehicle.

3. 9th Oct. 2019, finally after confirmation from JMD, we again sent our vehicle to JMD for ABS sensor replacement for which we agreed to pay from our pocket due to the excessive delay which forced us to use TAXI service daily.
The next day, they said that that the sensor was not in stock & they are sending the vehicle back. Could they not check the availability before calling for the vehicle?

4. 18th Oct. 2019, the vehicle was again sent to JMD for ABS sensor replacement.
When the vehicle was received back, we found that the cloth of the backside ceiling had been forcefully & intentionally pulled down by JMD & was now hanging down & touching on the head.

We informed Mr. Mahesh regarding same, but he non-chalantly told us that this is due to age & he is not to be bothered & we will need to pay to get the same repaired.
He is destroying our car due to spite & is asking us to pay for same? This is highly arrogant of him & WHY does SKODA support these kind of unethical people who have NO value for their customers?

We informed Mr. Gurpratap S. Boparai - Managing Director & Mr. Amit Dhingra – Head of Customer Care for SKODA – India, asking them to intervene & solve our problem.
Mr. Amit responded after multiple emails saying that he is helpless & has to support his dealership & he cannot be concerned regarding a personal complaint.

What he means is that Customers are not important to them, only their dealerships are important as they are the cash cows.

Is this the policy of WOLKSWAGEN & of SKODA in India or is it worldwide???
Kindly confirm so that customers are aware & will not further put their faith in these brands of vehicles worldwide.

Request you to IMMEDIATELY take action & provide solution once & for all.

Samir Garg (Mobile/WhatsApp: +91-9820127458)
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